I am not a patient person. If I could, I would sing news from the roof tops before they are confirmed, but of course, counting chickens before they are hatched is never a good idea. Over the past few weeks, however, I have been juggling no less than four bits of excitement....I don't know if they'll all come good, but I can't stand it any longer, and so I'm going to give you at least a little outline to hopefully get you just a teensy weensy bit as excited as me.

First of all, one 'folly' may find a new home. That's all I'm saying right now, but I'm hoping that this one might come true before Christmas. It would make my year, so keep your fingers crossed!

Second, there might be a 'lucky no. 13' folly - even though not all 12 project follies are identified yet, this one doesn't strictly qualify, as far as the Arts Council is concerned, because...well, it's not in England. It is truly special, though, owned by lovely people, and early in the new year, we'll be getting our heads together. I can't really see this one going wrong, but I do have a strict 'not confirmed = no share' policy. So.......you'll have to wait until late February/early March for news.

Third, Follies for Follies may expand...beyond follies. The timescale is about the same as above, and I am really, really hoping this one comes off!

Fourth.......no, I can't share that one......it's too vague at the moment, but it would be fabulous! :o)

So, keep your fingers crossed, and I'll be sharing news as and when I can!

12/7/2012 02:22:23 am

You teaser.....
Now I am very excited.

Rozelle Faulkner
12/7/2012 03:53:14 am

Ooh, exciting. I hope it's Lady Mary that will be finding a new home :)


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