Right! Today it *is* ten days to go. In the last three days, I have made 160 glass hairs (result!), overshooting my target by 40. Which is good, because I also have an undisclosed number of Prince Charmings to make! This "enforced hair-curling exercise" is the closest to conveyor belt work I have ever got - but it's not automatic! There is a constant need to focus, to get the heat just right, to change your grip at the right moment (and remember where the hot bits are on the rod!) But there are a few things I have learnt, and I thought I'd share (gives me something to blog about, eh?):

1) Nickleback and Jace Everett make for good hairs. Chet Baker.......not so much.
2) It's more fun torching while standing up (but I couldn't make beads that way).
3) It is *way* more fun torching with the studio door wide open, belting out "I wanna do bad things with you".
4) My neighbours might disagree on point no. 3.
5) If you pile approximately 80 hairs directly on top of each other, one of them is likely to crack under the weight of the pile.
6) Because of point no. 5, I am lacking space in my studio - there are only so many areas where 130cm-long curled hairs can be piled up.
7) There is great joy in overcoming the "lazy bum" inside and overshooting a target.
8) The Weave app for my iphone is a miracle!!
9) I am conveniently ignoring that I als still need to make a loop into each individual hair.
10) I'm beginning to suspect that point no. 9 will come back to bite me in the bum!
Rozelle Faulkner
5/10/2012 05:34:36 am

Right then Missy, this is your drill sergeant speaking. You're on loop duty for the rest of the week! ;P


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