One thing I love about projects is that they challenge me to learn about new facets - of glass art, of design, of execution, of technology. Thankfully, as far as the latter is concerned, I happen to have in-house support. My lovely husband spent the week-end evenings building me a gadget, which will become very, very important over the course of this year, in particular. No, it's not dangerous. But what is it? It is for one specific folly, but it could be used any time, for pretty much anything. Right now, it is on my bedroom windowsill, for a test run. And it needs something else to work. Answers in the comment section, if you fancy, and all will be revealed....hopefully, before the end of the month.



01/09/2012 07:48

Too much electronic thingies involved for my liking :o(

01/09/2012 08:16

...but these thingies would probably be more up your street than mine!

01/09/2012 13:46

I reckon you connect it to your computer via the USB port on the top right, and through the two relays, you switch stuff on and off (the pattern of which being stored on said computer), e.g. light bulbs...

01/09/2012 14:04

Ooooh, the principle is discovered....but the application still a secret :o)


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