One of the reasons I love the Follies for Follies project is because it allows me to meet new people, and during the week gone by, I am chuffed to say that I met two very lovely people who are both doing fabulous things to help Rapunzel look her best on the day!

On Friday, I went to visit Peter White, who, after a stab-in-the-dark email from me very kindly volunteered the use of his sandblasting cabinet to help make sure that people will actually be able to *see* Rapunzel's hair. Over the next few weeks, I shall therefore spend several hours in his cellar, taking the hair in batches to be blasted. He is just setting up his business of infinity mirrors, and I will add his link to the links page as soon as he's up and running!

Then, today, I got to meet the lovely Ben, fiancé of the equally very, very lovely Ali. I have known Ali for years, and recently, on a Facebook quest to find a climber happy to come up the tower with me and advise on how to secure people up there on the day, and how the get several hundred strands of glass hauled up.....she volunteered Ben. For which I'm eternally grateful. So, today, not only did Ben spend nearly two hours up in the lofty heights of 'Rapunzel HQ' with me, testing ropes, anchors, pulleys, etc., but Pete Clegg from Wentworth Castle Gardens came into work on a Sunday to be our 'man on the ground', and Ali single-handedly tamed a very lively munchkin so that I could talk shop with Ben. I know that I have said it before, but I'll say it again - there are so many people who are helping out, on so many different levels, from those sponsoring a strand of hair to those who are helping me with the planning, donating their time and expertise - thank you!

3/11/2012 06:18:06 pm

Ben says thanks for taking a photo of his receding hairline!!

We had a lovely afternoon, so much fun!

3/11/2012 06:23:27 pm

Lol, I hadn't noticed! I'll do better next time!


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