There is the old adage: 'the worse the dress rehearsal, the better the first night' - and I choose to apply this to the circumstances, rather than the dress rehearsal itself. Of course, it had to be one of the last days of the wettest April recorded in history. Of course, even though it was the end of April, it had to be 3 degrees outside. And hailing.

...and of course, I was once again blessed with a bunch of real troupers! After exchanging worried emails until lunchtime, we decided to go ahead, and out motley crew assembled at 4.30pm. At this point, my husband had spent nearly six hours in the studio, building the rigging and the ledge. The studio, by the way, was flooded, but that's another story!

To cut a long story short: all is well. We got very wet and very cold, but everything functions the way it is supposed to, provided we take things slowly on the day. Which we will do.

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