When I organised the timetable for the final two follies for 2012, doing two within a fortnight of each other seemed not too problematic - after all, I had plenty of time, right? Famous last words, and 'enter the pigeons'. I still don't know whether I've mastered the pigeons. And I won't know for nearly three weeks, since I'll be off to Germany tomorrow. It is *not* a position I wanted to be in!

Lady Mary, on the other hand, is remarkably well-behaved. Apart from the minor problem that my new car is smaller than the old one, and won't be able to handle Lady Mary in her frame, everything is going as planned. It is work-intensive, but predictable, if that makes sense. 'All' I have to do is make 6,000 beads, clean them, stick them to a board, and frame them. Time is my biggest enemy, but if push comes to shove, night shifts can be employed, and Lady Mary can be completed. It'll still be a close call - I'll be in Germany until the 19th of August, the following week-end, at the International Festival of Glass, then on a well-deserved holiday for three days, then it's a case of steering munchkin through his first days at school - but it can be done!

This is me, signing off until late August!

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