This morning, for the first time in a long, long while, I tried to draw 'properly'. I felt I owed it to everybody to come up with some sort of artist's rendition of Rapunzel Tower at Stainborough Castle. As you can see, I'm no natural with a pencil :) But the experience led to an unexpected epiphany - my three-year-old suddenly declared he had drawn the castle as well! And so I thought - hang on! What a fantastic idea! Wouldn't it be fabulous to collect drawings, paintings, etc. of Rapunzel's Tower (it doesn't have to be Stainborough Castle, artistic interpretation is welcome) from other young artists? And so, here is the first proper 'Get involved' call to arms - er, pencils, crayons and paintbrushes. I would *love* to see more interpretations of Rapunzel's Tower. The more, the merrier - if you work in a school or pre-school, please get the kids on it. If your child says they're bored, tell them the story (if they don't already know it) and get them to draw (or build?). The project is still small, so I don't expect an avalanche, but it would be fabulous to see some drawings on here! You can either upload them to the Facebook page, or drop me an email at sabine[insertemailsignhere]sabinelittle.com. And to get you even more inspired, here is my son's interpretation - do I detect a hint of Kandinsky there? :o)

1/27/2012 06:29:34 pm

wow liking the munchkins new work- definately Kandinsky esk is he moving out of his expressionist period?
Hope to see a new piece in the Springfield Gallery soon!


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