Yesterday, I went back to Wentworth Castle for a meeting with Pete Clegg, and another walk up 'my' tower. I feel truly privileged to gain access where others don't, starting right from being at the castle when the gardens were officially closed to the public. Also, I am one of very, very few people who trundle up the disused castle tower (in the Follies for Follies banner, it's - rather obviously - the one on the left). While the other one is open to everybody (during opening hours), I feel like a little explorer, climbing up 'mine'. And just to prove that the trip is worth it (and to make you all jealous), I thought I'd share a picture of the view Rapunzel has out of the window - isn't it stunning??

I did have an official reason to be there, although I would have happily sat there and just admired the view - instead, I was busily employing my tape measure, getting exact measurements of the window, ledges, wall thicknesses, the layout of mortar bits and pieces, etc., to plan the rig which will suspend Rapunzel's hair.

Being of a slightly masochistic nature, I couldn't resist taking another a picture from a different angle...see right. Yes, that's the view Rapunzel would have if she chose to look down...and while Rapunzel might have had the opportunity to avoid that view (just close your eyes and think of...Germany, I guess!) with her prince climbing up her hair (ouch!), I won't have that luxury, at the latest when the whole structure will come up the outside of the castle, so I figured I'd get some practice at 'looking down'. It's definitely not close to the ground, lol....but then, where would be the fun in that?



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