There is *so* much more to any of these follies than meets the eye. Planing, thinking, organisation, management, calculation, and...buying. And a couple of days ago, I bought roughly 30kg of glass, or, if you prefer, about a mile of it. It arrived today, and I have included a tall four-year-old to provide some sort of scale. At the same time, I am talking through health and safety issues (most of them related to working 30ft above ground) and designing a rig that'll hold the whole caboodle once in place. And of course, it would be no good to forget all the other follies while I'm working on any particular one, so I'm designing plans for a new site - it's a good one, so keep your fingers crossed, and also going back to Cannon Hall on Monday to plan the future visits with Vigil 1. I can tell you one thing - it's never boring!!!

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