It has been a while since I've blogged - embarrassing as it is, because I've been very, very busy. But today, I can't help but tell everybody about the lovely morning I got to spend with the three Reception classes at Stocksbridge Nursery & Infant School. The 80 or so children helped me out by telling me the story of Rapunzel, and I explained to them what I was doing. Then, we set about building a stage set for Rapunzel. Class 6 had the job of deciding on the background - since the tower is in a forest, that meant lots of trees, flowers and butterflies - and, for some reason I have yet to fathom, chameleons, which appeared across all three classes in an out-of-the-ordinary frequency (I never got to find out why). The flowers were made out of tissue paper and stuck on with sellotape, giving a lovely colourful background to the whole scene!

Class 8 was in charge of the tower! I had wrapped several boxes of various sizes in lining paper, and then came the difficult decision of which to use for our final tower. We worked out what our tower would be made of (bricks), and decided to decorate six boxes - just in case, you see...you can never have too many Rapunzel-Tower-building components! Class 8 proved to be brilliant not only at drawing bricks, but also at colouring them in, and adding flowers, vines (and the odd chameleon!!) to the decoration. Once all boxes were painted, we did, of course (in a very sensible way, you understand, and therefore held in place by hand to avoid toppling) have to test just how tall the Rapunzel Tower would be if we used all six boxes (answer: nearly as tall as the ceiling!)...however, in the end, we did decide on four boxes to make up the final tower. Our top box had a window drawn on it, and it was my job, over break, to cut this out, so we had somewhere for all the hair to come out. Hair? What hair? We needed hair!

Rapunzel's hair was Class 9's job, and a fabulous job they did, too. Sitting in three groups, we passed balls of wool, one round saying a shape each as the wool came past, then a colour, an animal...you get the picture. Before long, each group had passed the wool five times all the way round, and we had a little test to see which group had made the longest hairs. All together, they made the perfect tangled mane to go into our top window.

Two of the classes also helped me out by drawing me pictures of Rapunzel, and kindly allowed me to take photos of their work. The pictures-only ones will go on Facebook, but some children posed with their work - here is a small selection: 
Finally, our work was done - we had set up Rapunzel in a fairly small space, and so all classes came in small groups to admire their handiwork and pose for a photo.

Thank you so much to all three Reception classes, and to the staff at Stocksbridge Nursery and Infant School, I had a fabulous morning, and am looking forward to coming back soon!!
4/18/2012 01:13:48 am

Oh wow, that looks fantastic. Such creativity. And, why not a chameleon? It was just in camouflage when the Brothers Grimm were telling there story. ;o)

4/18/2012 04:03:29 am

Duh! I should have known about chameleons - the Disney sidekick in the film 'Tangled' - their version of Rapunzel. And I even watched it - twice - not so long ago!

4/21/2012 07:06:56 am

My little girl is in one of the classes- she had a great time! I will show her this- sure she'll love seeing it. Many thanks for a lovely activity. :)


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