Hurrah! Yesterday, the I had the perfect travel companion for the six-hour drive necessary to visit two potential follies. One of them was just a recce, to continue discussions about 'who, what, when, where, why and how' from a position of knowledge. It was also the opportunity to visit a site together with a fellow glass artist, and a dear friend. This folly, which shall remain nameless until confirmed, will be a challenge, but one that I would love to take on.
Then we went on to visit Williamson Park in Lancaster, to meet Will Griffith, Operations Manager at the park, to view the Ashton Memorial. I had chosen this folly weeks ago, for its beauty, its location, its background, and for the fact that it actually has an established exhibition space. The 'follification' in this case will involve a series of workshops, where I hope to explore the idea of a 'memorial' - sadness and loss, yes, but also memories and celebration of times had. Not all pieces made will be linked to loss, and not all will be for 'real' people. At the moment, I am hoping to create two parts to the exhibition - one a number of large pieces of sheet glass with flamework, but also a much larger number of small, postcard sized pieces featuring people's memories and messages. I will post another blog, a bit further down the line, about my thoughts and motivations behind this particular folly..
Exact dates will still need to be confirmed, but workshops will be held in 2012, with the exhibition taking place in 2013.

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