One of the things I love about Follies for Follies is that it gives me a chance to talk to other people about what I do, and to get them involved, too. And today, I was very lucky to be invited to Christ Church School, Lancaster, to work with Mrs Stewart's Year 6 for the morning. From the school playground, you can see the Ashton Memorial, and so they were the perfect class to tell me everything about that special folly, and to also help me explore what memories really are.

What we discovered is that memories are important. They might always be happy memories, but all our memories make us who we are. The class talked to each other about their own memories, and what our memories mean to us. I'm showing a couple here, and am putting more on the Ashton Memorial Folly page (see drop-down menu above).

Aren't they some amazing thoughts? We also worked on something else (see picture), but I'm not ready to share what it is...the children I worked with today know - the rest of you will have to wait a little longer ;).  Thank you so much to Y6 and Mrs Stewart for having me today, and I think I might see some of you - maybe with your parents - at the Ashton Memorial tomorrow - looking forward to it!!



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