Here's a bit of a curveball one - I am hoping to do short films for each folly, and I would love some music for them. Now, I could go on a royalty-free site, pay for some muzak, and be done with it, but I thought maybe there was a way to make this mutually beneficial and collaborative. So, I'm looking for unsigned musicians happy to provide a track - I will credit the band/musician faithfully on all videos, the website, YouTube, etc. I get some good, original music, you get exposure. I can't promise that anything will come of it, but the site and the project are getting some good publicity, and you never know. If you're interested, there are a few 'terms and conditions':

1) You need to be unsigned, i.e. be free to give me your music without an agent or label hunting me down.
2) The music needs to be original (no cover versions, unless they're traditional folk songs, etc.), and must be yours, i.e. you must have the right to share your track with me.
3) I will credit you on any video using the music, as well as put a link to your music page (if you have one) on the Links page on this website. If I can, I'll get your name into newspapers, but I have no control over what they print - I can only do my best.
4) By sending me your music, you agree that points 1) and 2) above are true, and you agree for me to use your work as stated in point 3) above.
5) No explicit lyrics, please - the whole project is child-friendly and intends to stay that way :o)

...was that official enough? I hope so!

I'm hoping to have twelve films, one for each folly, and each will probably have a different slant. For now, I need two tracks - you might be able to help me with one or both of them, either would be fine. Here's what I need:

CANNON HALL: Have a look here to read about the folly. I envisage something slow and instrumental - the whole folly is centred around "Holding Vigil", and the music should reflect that. The music is intended to accompany the stop motion film.

STAINBOROUGH CASTLE: Have a look here to read about the folly. I am looking for music to accompany some stills, which will outline how the whole folly was put together, from the very first thought to finishing up after the big day. I have no specific thoughts on style - surprise me.

If you think you might fit the bill, please do get in touch via the contact form on the site - send me some links for tracks and/or info. If you know somebody who might like the sound of this, please share it with them.

I'll sit back and keep my fingers crossed :o)
5/16/2012 07:08:15 am

Please see the link above to my Reverbnation profile. If any of my songs are suitable get back to me and I will send you the mp3 or wav file. There are various styles on the album so hopefully you'll find something suitable
Steve Faulkner


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