You'll remember that, back in November, I went to Christ Church School in Lancaster, where the Y6 helped me explore the concept of "Memories" (see here for the write up of that day). Well, since then, I have been working to turn their work into a piece for the exhibition, and I thought I'd share the progress with you. 

One piece of work the students did involved hopes and dreams, working on the understanding that, with a bit of luck, our current hopes and dreams will be our future memories. To me, hopes and dreams are like a House of Cards - some are reliant upon one another (for Y to happen, X must happen first), and a House of Cards is fragile - just like our hopes and dreams, and just like glass. So, I wanted to build a House of Cards out of glass.

First (above), I used an actual playing card to measure the size I would need, and cut up enough glass for four tiers in my glass House of Cards. Then (right) I attached the students' words, which I had printed on special paper. They are called "Decals", and are printed in actual glass pigments. The yellow layer will burn off, so that only the black writing remains.

To burn the yellow layer off, and to make the writing permanent on the glass, the cards have to go in the kiln (left). This is the biggest of my three kilns, I call it "The Beast". Because glass can shatter if it is cooled down or heated up too quickly, it took quite a while to get the cards hot enough, and then cool them down again - nearly a day overall.

I'll share the next steps in another blog post - and to my fab Y6 at Christ Church Lancaster, I hope you enjoy seeing how your creation is coming to life!!



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