Today, I took husband and child to Wentworth, to once more stand in front of 'my' tower of Stainborough Castle in wonder. In the very near future, I'll need to go up there again, with a tape measure, to start planning the specifics, but with the abandoned tower firmly locked, today, I was forced to zoom in on the top window. Through it, you can see the sky, since this tower has no top. This is the reason why I'm hoping to get a lot of my planning done before it gets much colder, if past years are anything to go by, once it starts to freeze, that'll be it for access until March - because I'm not going up those steps when they have ice on them - I suppose health and safety concerns everybody, even artists :o)

I did pay a brief visits to the other follies that I have already identified - three so far at Wentworth, but since they are dependent on the success of this one, I just waved at them briefly. Then, while the little one played in the playground, I produced a highly accurate technical drawing of the hanging mechanism for Rapunzel's Tower...can you tell what it is yet?

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