Well, okay, I guess the final countdown starts at 10. Still - 12 days to go....the twelve days of folly!! I started thinking of turning my to-do list into a clever song (singable to the tune of 'Twelve Days of Christmas'....but decided that, rather than waste time on trying to be clever, I'd better get on with it!! 

The main thing to do is still the hair! One thing conspired with another (flooded studio, then opening my studio to the public and not having the space to make glass hairs without poking the unsuspecting visitor in the eye with hot glass), and there are still 300 hairs to make. This is not insurmountable, it is just reaching the point where I have to be very disciplined and ruthless - I have a daily total, and I'm simply not allowed to go to bed until this total is reached. And just to spur me on (and probably bore you to death), I will share the daily total on Facebook, and will report when it has been reached........don't wait up!!

Several frames are still to be constructed and covered in velvet, but there's plenty of organising still to do, too - writing a 'need to have on the day' list so everybody can tick things off (hard hats, goggles, gloves, etc.), writing a sort-of timetable and tasks, sorting out press releases.....roll on the busiest twelve days I'm likely to have for a while!

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