Today, I received confirmation that Wentworth Castle Trust are supportive of my suggestion of a 'folly for a folly', namely to dress up the folly Stainborough Castle (the one in my banner, and to the left), with a 6-9m long trail of glass 'Rapunzel' Hair. I didn't want to start anything unless I had the go ahead, but the truth is, I've already been up the abandoned tower of Stainborough Castle, trailed a long, builder's type tape measure out of the top window, and started planning how to suspend approximately 600m of 4mm borosilicate rods from a listed building.

This 'planned visit' followed an informal recce with my trusty co-planner, who, at age 3, usually has some sort of pithy comment to make - upon seeing the castle, he said 'can we stay the night?' I think he may be disappointed, because the sculpture will be for one day only, in May or June 2012. This blog will be used to continually update the whole project, however, as more follies come on board, I hope to create a 'story page' for each, which will give a brief outline of the where, when, how, what, and why. I am incredibly excited to be getting going!

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