It's finished! Inspired by the words of Y6 at Christ Church School, Lancaster, the House of Hopes is complete. What does a House of Hopes have to do in an exhibition about Memory/Loss, you ask? To me, it is the other side of the coin. Memories, loss, memory loss...it is all focused backwards. My exhibition, however, is not only about looking backwards. Our memories have shaped who we are: the losses we have felt, the people we have known, they have influenced us, and we live on. We live on to hope and dream, and our hopes and dreams, too, have been influenced by our memories. To do our parents proud. To make the best of chances given. To build on who we are, what we have, including what we have lost. Fragile, maybe, like a house of cards made of glass, but building, nonetheless. And the future hopes and dreams of Christ Church Lancaster's Y6 are a wonderful reminder that, in the unwritten future, anything is possible. Thank you, again, to the lovely Y6, for inspiring and helping to create this piece of work.

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