Not that I'm nervous or anything, but with three days to go, I'm looking at the weather. Right now, it's blowy and gusty outside - we have one of those metal chimney thingies with a twirly cap on, and since it is not 100% calibrated to run smoothly, I listen to it going 'clankclankclankCLANKclank'...and I wonder what Wednesday will hold. The Cannon Hall sculpture will be free-standing, and although I can try to weigh it down from the back, I hope that the weather won't be too horrible...if it all ended early in a pile of shards, I think I would be rather disillusioned. However, something nice may happen on Tuesday at Wentworth, so I'm sure what goes round will come round...again, an open invitation to come visit the huddling, cold and quite possibly wet artist at Cannon Hall on Wednesday, any time, at the top of the Fairy Gardens.

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