I just had a fabulous meeting with Peter Clegg, the man in charge of the education and development programme at Wentworth (home of Stainborough Castle, aka Rapunzel HQ!) It is so lovely to hear how many people are supportive of the project! Together, we are tentatively thinking about supporting events, workshops in schools and at Wentworth, lectures, etc. With a bit of luck, the date (which is yet to be finalised) will fall around Wentworth's Rhododendron Festival, which will make for an absolutely stunning backdrop for photos! Even more excitingly, the lovely people at Wentworth are happy to talk about a long-term collaboration, provided that this first one goes well, so I'm keeping everything crossed!

Just as I walked away, I saw a bunch of red deer on the estate, however, my camera phone wasn't up to the job, and so a picture of Rapunzel will have to do. Now that it's all a definite go-go-go, I'll try and mock a sketch or similar up, so that everybody interested can get a look-see of the intended!

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