A project such as Follies for Follies does not exist in a vacuum. Being a project that intends to engage people, it needs - well, people willing to be engaged. Which means it needs to get known (if not famous ;o)). And even though it has partial funding through the Arts Council, it needs funds. Which again requires people. Thankfully, in the last week or two, people have helped me left, right and centre to achieve a first step on the ladder for both.
Beginning with the fundraising activity ("sponsor a strand of Rapunzel's hair"), money is trickling in. On Tuesday, Look Local newspaper published a story on Follies for Follies. This local coverage is very important, since it is reaching the public to engage with the six Wentworth Castle Follies, and the Cannon Hall folly for the rest of the year.
Yesterday, the lampworking converged at my house ('descended on me'? :o)) for a get-together-come-fundraiser. I had a chance to destash some books, magazines, tools, etc., and they had - erm - a chance to buy them and support the project (in addition to this, I also had the chance to spend the day with a bunch of truly lovely people, many of whom I definitely don't see often enough)!
Then, today, University of Sheffield Enterprise, who helped me out with a business start up grant a couple of years ago, blogged about Follies for Follies here.

I am very, very glad to have so many people care, this early on in the project. And I truly appreciate it. The fundraising activities will continue for the full three years (and if you fancy, there are many more Rapunzel strands to be sponsored ;o))

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