Eleven weeks today, it'll be all go, go, GO!!! at Wentworth, Rapunzel HQ, aka Stainborough Castle. In the meantime, I went up to see Pete Clegg last week, and we trundled up to a potential future folly, the Rotunda. This folly, unlike all the others mentioned at Wentworth so far, is in the Parkland, not the gardens, and it's a pleasant ten minute walk or so from the main house to get there, past the deer, and through a little woodland. I couldn't get in just yet, but I have seen pictures. It'll be an interesting challenge to come up with a 'follification', as the space is fairly small, perfectly circular, and bare. So watch this space :). The Rotunda will be 'follified' in spring 2013. You can find out a little bit more about the Rotunda here.

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Barbara Eccles
3/4/2012 05:30:25 am

Hello Sabine,

What fun. Your follies for follies. I would like to be kept informed of where you will be exhibiting and when.

I am setting myself a sort of on-going project at Stainborouh but in sort of secret. This seems to be a folly too,

Hope to hear from you with info.

Barbara Eccles

3/4/2012 02:55:02 pm

Hi Barbara, glad you find the project interesting, and yours sounds right down intriguing :o) Good luck with it! Any Follies for Follies info will go on this website and blog, fingers crossed I'll see you at one of them!

Sabine x


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