Magritte famously said 'Ceci n'est pas une pipe' to illustrate that pictures of something aren't the same thing as the real 'something'. As straightforward as that sounds, in sculpture, it gets a bit ore complicated. You create a real something, which may refer to something completely different, something buried within the observer, and it might be a different 'something' to different people. I like that!

But actually, I digress, and it's not what this post is about - it's about things not being what they seem - I've not posted in a bit, but this is not a lull, in fact, it's anything but! I am exchanging emails to get new follies on board, I'm negotiating access, I'm meeting with the folly-keepers of those follies already established, and I'm trying to come up with a secure, long-term project plan. And I'm making glass to fit some follies. But, in a chicken/eggs/hatched kind of way, I obviously can't report on stuff until after it is agreed, so, to the outside, it looks like a lull, whereas it is, in fact, folly overdrive!

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