Follies for Follies is more than a single artist labouring away in her studio. Each 'follification' will go hand in hand with opportunities to engage and create, and after a meeting with James Brunt from Cannon Hall yesterday, I am very happy to announce the first two Folly Workshop dates. 

TUESDAY, 3RD APRIL 2012, 1-4pm
Come to Fairyland and, using natural and local materials, create your own 'Folly for a Folly' - a fairy for Fairyland. The activity is drop-in and should take approximately 15 minutes. It is free, but donations towards the Follies for Follies project will be gratefully appreciated. No need to book.

SATURDAY, 24TH JUNE 2012 (time tbc)
Help create a colourful window for the remaining openings in the Follies wall, including texts around the concept of Vigil and Waiting. Texts taken from participants via the blog will be featured in this work. Booking details to follow.

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