I dithered. I dithered for a long time, a time I could have spent making beads, lol! But really, there was only ever one feasible way to portrait Lady Mary, a veritable chameleon - intelligent, spirited, adventurous, yet also a member of the high classes. The more I read about her, the more I am piecing together a multi-faceted mosaic of an incredible lady. And so, a mosaic it must be! I have selected my favourite portrait of Lady Mary (wearing the Turkish headdress she became famous for) and converted it into - well, actually, a cross stitch pattern, but for every 'stitch', I will be making a bead, which means the whole thing should clock in at 6,140 beads. The beads individually won't be large, in the industry, they're known as 'spacers' (which is an irony in itself, because every bead maker who knows me knows that I hate spacers, and go to great lengths to avoid them).

As well as the portrait, there will be two ranges of jewellery - one made up of literary beads, with Lady Mary's quotes, and one (if I can bear it) using more spacers!! I am pleased that I have finally committed to this...but rather shuddering at the thought of making over 6,000 beads - wish me luck!