It's been three-and-a-half weeks since I announced the intended Folly for Lady Mary. In that time, I worked for a school for several days, produced a literature review on 'Raising Aspirations', spent Fridays with the munchkin, taught glass bead making.....and I made spacers. I made mainly white spacers, since I need more than 2,000 of them, so I figured, if in doubt, make white spacers!
One piece of fab news came through talks with Tuffnell Glass, who agreed to sponsor Lady Mary via a special 'folly price' on my various 'shades of grey'. It's made a real difference to the prospect of slogging over the torch for weeks, knowing that this folly has an 'official backer' - thanks guys!
So, three-and-a-half weeks down the line, what have I achieved? The answer is.....*drumroll* - I'm more than half way there. Provided that I've not miscounted,  have 3,006 beads left to make, meaning that I've made 3,154. I have a bit more uni work to do next week, but apart from that, I hope to mainly focus on making as many as I possibly can before I disappear for most of August - wish me luck!

7/19/2012 01:37:33 am

You know that you are indeed a bit, well different than the other girls, don't you?


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