Yes!! We have lift off! Today, I met the lovely people at Cannon Hall. They are happy for me to 'follify' the Fairy Garden, and we got started talking about public engagement, workshops, etc. Those will take place later during the year, as part of my four one-day visits to Cannon Hall, which are part of this very special 'follification'. The first of these will be in 'secret' - so secret, that I'm posting it here, lol! It is secret as in there are no organised activities, it is, in fact, a trial run...but I'll be there, literally all day, dawn 'till dusk! If you do fancy a little trip out, and would like to be part of the absolute very first follification of the project, come and say 'hi', on Wednesday, 25th of January, on site in the Fairy Gardens at Cannon Hall (top end, not bottom end where the pond is). I will be there, in my little camping chair, and visitors may be asked to look after the folly for a few minutes so that I can go answer nature's call! If you don't know Cannon Hall, let the photos be a little incentive! It is a beautiful space, with a working farm and a cafe and deli right next door. See you there?

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