Ever since the project started, I wanted to work on a grotto. In fact, this was so important to me, that I simply couldn't make my mind up! Then, out of the blue, a link presented itself. You see, Lady Mary (Wortley Montagu, you know her by now) was an avid letter writer. And many of these letters, she wrote to Alexander Pope. At first, they were the best of friends, sharing endearments, witticisms, poems, etc. But later, their relationship turned sour, and their exchange became somewhat vitriolic. I was intrigued. But I was even more intrigued that Alexander Pope had built a...grotto! For those who know me a bit better, the fact that this grotto contains not just shells, but a plethora of fossils, will help them share my excitement even more. 

Today, this grotto stands in the grounds of Radnor House School, an independent co-educational school for pupils 7-18 years old. And they have been very welcoming, with the result that I'll be working at the school and the folly in the latter half of this year, and the early half of next year, for several short-term stints, serving as the school's Artist in Residence, and culminating in a 'follification' in early summer 2014. So, there's a new folly in town, and a very happy artist, who has found the perfect grotto. You can find the new folly here.

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