Eagle-eyed followers of the Follies for Follies project will have noticed that the Cannon Hall follification is down as being finished 'late October/early November'. This folly is only small by comparison to some of the others, and yet, I struggled to find a kiln large enough to accommodate the glass necessary. So, what is a woman to do? I costed the number of times I would have to hire a variety of kilns throughout the project, consulted the piggybank, and...bought a kiln. A rather big one. If you suddenly find me selling coasters and bowls, it will be to do penance and 'post-fund' this purchase. So...until the kiln arrives, which should be another 2-3 weeks, the Cannon Hall folly is on hold. All the components are there, and I hope to start assembling what I can either this week or next. So, do hope with me that the weather will hold, so I can still take s

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