Six weeks ago, to the day, I submitted an Arts Council application, asking for a contribution towards the cost of the project. It was a chicken-and-egg situation - I knew how big the project would be, and I was scared to look at all follies before knowing I would get some financial help. On the other hand, the Arts Council understandably did not want to fund a dead duck, which would fizzle out after the first folly. So, I bit the bullet and carried on as if I knew some funding would come....thankfully, I'm an optimistic little so-and-so, and started to flog some old equipment, just in case. When I submitted the proposal, I think I underestimated the cost of the project overall, and I asked the Arts Council to fund a percentage of that. I will still need to find a lot of the money myself - by selling the sculptures from the project, making co-ordinating jewellery, etc, so I'm afraid you're not all out of the woods yet. But the Arts Council's contribution is an absolutely vital contribution, without which I would have greatly struggled. Once I've worked my way through the Terms and Conditions of the grant, you'll all be seeing the Arts Council logo displayed with pride - I'm honoured to think that in these difficult times, my project was deemed important enough to receive some of the hard-to-come by money for the arts. So, to all of you who have visited the website, liked the Facebook page, and otherwise shown that the project has interest from the public - thank you! And to the Arts Council: thank you, from the bottom of my heart!
11/25/2011 05:43:56 pm

well done Sabine, I keep on looking at the interesting things you get up and always wonder how you have the energy to do so much....and I thought you only did beads!

11/25/2011 05:54:19 pm

That's really good news Sabine! So glad it is going well.


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